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    SXD Founder
    Shelly Xu

    Shelly Xu is the Founder and CEO of SXD. As a child, Shelly grew up in a 70 sq ft home in China. She learned to rearrange furniture throughout the day to make living work. That was when she first began to explore creativity under constraint: the same principle that guides SXD Zero Waste Design today.

    Beauty Under Constraints

    We create artful, versatile and functional pieces that not only produce no waste but also reduce the waste left by the fashion industry.

    SXD Zero Waste Design ensures aesthetic, efficient designs with zero fabric waste. SXD works with a locally owned manufacturing facility in Bangladesh to employ climate refugees – mostly women – who have been displaced by flooding and sea level rising, as its seamstress talent. Through cost savings from efficient use of fabric, SXD pays climate refugee seamstress talents up to 4x the local wage to help them rebuild their lives.

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